MAX Construction Services
Mooresville, NC


Recommendation by Charlie Brown - President of Precision Plumbing

"Precision Plumbing has had the opportunity to work with Doug on a number of projects.  Every one of them have been efficiently managed with an unyielding commitment to quality for the client while maintaining a cohesive team that can deliver end results on schedule.  We are happy to not only work with Doug but recommend him to potential clients that may be considering someone to drive their next project."

Recommendation by Wes Patton, P.E. of WGPM, Inc 

"I have worked on many different type projects with Mr. Miller.  He takes personal responsibility on all projects he is involved in.  He has an uncommon ability to communicate with all levels of the project team.  Everyone I know that has worked with him would want to again.  He also brings a certain fun factor that makes even the most difficult projects enjoyable.  He poses a wealth of construction knowledge and experience that makes him an asset to any size or type project.  I would highly recommend Mr. Miller."

Recommendation by Donnie Belk - President of E.F. Belk & Son

"Doug Miller, owner of MAX Construction Services and construction manager is one of the finest and most trustworthy individuals I have had the opportunity to work with.  I have done multiple design build projects with Doug.
His professionalism and owner relationship is as good as it gets.  He stays on top of his work, keeps things running smoothly, on time, and treats his subcontractors and customers in the same manner and courtesty that everyone would want to work with.  I would recommend to anyone that would have an opportunity to work with Doug, that it would be one of the best construction experiences you could have.  I would highly recommend Doug as a general contractor and a person.."

Recommendation by Barry Brewington - Engineering Manager at NGK Ceramics USA

"Utilized Doug to provide added support to construction activities.  He served as the construction manager for me at NGK Ceramics USA, Inc.  He managed multi-million dollar jobs and stayed focused on the details while keeping our prime contractor and subs on track, budget and timeline.  Doug is very detail oriented, works well with the entire team and easy to get along with in all circumstances."

Recommendation by Mike Mazzucca - Controller

"I have known Douglas for over 10 years now, and without hesitation or delay, I can say that Douglas is one of the most reliable, efficient and honest individuals I have ever worked with.
Doug's meticulous attention to detail and getting the job done right was always his primary focus.  Regardless of the type of project and who the owner was, Doug always has passion for what he does, and is consistently focusing on what is best for the owner and the financial impacts.
Another great attribute that Douglas has is the ability to communicate effectively and timely.  In construction not all things always go as planned, as such Douglas is not just a communicator of news or conditions, but he provides alternatives and options that allows an owner to evaluate and make the best decisions needed.
What I have come to learn about Doug over the years is that every project, big or small, he treats as though his family were going to work there, or live there or if it were his money being spent.  Finding people of Doug's caliber, character and capability is a rarity these days, in his industry or even in general, and once you find one you hang on to them."